sobota, 9 maja 2015

A piece of aviation facts you may have not known

1.Paint on an average Boeing 767 weighs around 180kg. It's only 0,09% weight of the aircraft.
Airplane assembly hall, featuring an unpainted metallic twin-jet aircraft, a presentation podium, and arranged audience chairs.
From Wikipedia
2.An average 747 has around 150-175 miles of wiring. In addition, all 747s have flown enough miles in order to fly to the moon and back 75 000 times. It took 75 000 engineer drawings to build the first 747-100.One 747 windshield costs as much as a BMW. The 747 can carry more payload than it's weight!
Underside planform view of an in-flight 747. Under each of the two wings are two engines.
From Wikicommons.
3.Only 5% of humans have flown a plane. Around 80% of people are afraid of flying in some degree.

From Wikipedia
4.The Boeing 777's engine is so wide, it can fit in a Boeing 727 fuselage.The 777 has 2,6 million lines of computer codes written into it's software. For example, the 747-400 has "only" 400 thousand. In case of  an engine failure, this airplane can still fly for three hours.
Aircraft during landing approach. Front quarter view of twin-engine jet in flight with flaps and landing gear extended.
From Wikipedia.
5.The world's most expensive cost $123 000. It was bought by an Australian millionaire Julian Hayward, who was the first to by a ticket for the A380's maiden flight in 2007. Sometimes, Ryaniar or Volotea offer extremely cheap flights, such as flights for $0.3!!! Don't believe me. Check this site out. It's in Polish, so use google translator. Yes, you can fly for less than one dollar!

From Wikipedia
6.Aircraft aren't obligated to have toilets (lavatories). A lavatory can be unlocked from the outside, by flipping a special knob.

777 Lavatory. Picture from Wikipedia.
7.American Airlines saved $40 000 in 1987, by removing only one olive from each salad that was served in first class. An average KLM flight to Australia (747-400) carries 1 000 kg. of food and 1 320 l. beverage.

China Airlines meal; from Wikipedia.
8.From, 1942 America lost 40 planes fighting in WW2 daily. In 1944, the US Army Air Forces had 2.6 million people, and around 80 000 aircraft. Today, it has only 330 000 active personnel and 5 700 aircraft (minus 200 unmanned).

They didn't have this in 1944. USAF picture
9. The P-47 fighter weighed two times more than a Spitfire (empty) and three times, when filled with fuel. 15 683 were built, having dropped 132 482 tonnes of bombs, firing 125 million bullets, and destroying 12 thousand of enemy's aircraft.

P-47 from Wikicommons.
10.The Tu-114's electric powerplants could power up a town with a 200 thousand population. The airplane once accelerated to 971 km/h.

From Wikipedia.