wtorek, 11 sierpnia 2015

My Typical FSX Flight/Kingston Norman Manley (MKJP)-Aruba Queen Beatrix (TNCA)/Airbus A300B4 (Part 1)

The Flight
This is a rather interesting flight, split into parts. I really like making flights with stopovers. I don't really know why. I find it interesting to see what stopovers are made on which routes etc.
The flight is made up. I'm going to use the Airbus A300 B4 by Thomas Ruth in the Air Jamaica livery. The flight starts in Kingston, Jamaica and ends in Lima, Peru. There are tfour stopovers. The first one in Aruba, the second one in Barranquilla, Colombia, the third one in Cali, Colombia and the last one- in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The route might lack realism, but this is not all about it, isn't it.
First Leg

Wing View
The first leg takes me from Kingston Norman Manley airport to Aruba Queen Beatrix Airport. I haven't chosen a departure, due to the fact, that the waypoints used in the SIDs don't exist in FSX, so I went for a waypoint nearby to one of them. I was taking off from runway 12. Then I followed some intersections (I used the default GPS) and the Navigation Log. The crusing altitude is FL370. There is now STAR into Aruba, so I had to rely on intersections. Finally I went for the ILS approach, runway 11. That's it.

I didn't need to start-up the airplane. Why? You'd probably have to get the default Cessna, Ctrl+Shift+F1 (total shutdown) and then start-up. I didn't consider this possibility. All I did was setting up the Autopilot, instruments, flight controls etc.
I'm taxing. To pushback, I used the thrust reversers (No GSX :). The plane seems to veer of to the right, there is a little bit of a cross wind. An interesting fact about this plane, is that it has fully operational nose steering tiller. We turn onto runway 12 with no issue.
Departure and climb

As soon as I roll onto the runway, I advance the throttles. I have to use the rudder a little bit, but that's no big deal.

So I'm flying. Things Are looking good. Shortly after takeoff I had a small problem with the pitch being a little bit high, but I changed the trim and things worked perfectly. Then, I switched the A/P on. Eventually, autothrottle doesn't work on this plane, so you have to control thrust manually.

So, I continue flying southwest. A wingview, for those who like them. I got clear of the clouds, there is no problem. I'm following the GPS. In actual fact, I'm not in GPS mode , the GPS is just a form of reference. After crossing 30 000 ft, the speed started getting a little low, around 200 knots.


First officer seat.

You can see my typical VC "configuration".

That is a nice view. When you have got nothing to do in cruise, you can look around the views. This one is really nice.

Another view. This time, the picture is alittle bit ugly, due to the seat gaping at you in the middle of the screen :D


I start my descent. I'm late, so I have to go for a very high descent rate. I haven't gone for the speed brake yet. This A300 has a weird tendency to go very slow with spoilers on, even at high descent rates (-2000 ft/min).

I'm getting closer to an intersection called TETUM, where the default FSX flight planner wants me to be at  12 100 ft. As you see, I'm at 30 000 ft and 20 nm. from TETUM. Not the best situation you can get, but hey, there are ways out.

I forgot to take screenshots, but in general, I got slow, and had to lower my descent rate. I descended to 7 000 ft, instead of 12 000 ft, because the distance between TETUM and BOGVU (next waypoint) is to short for a 5 000 ft. descent. I have got the island of Aruba in sight. 

We are getting closer. The weather is looking good with no clouds.

I got a little bit high. In an effect, I had to make some turns. In the end, I went for a steeper descent and dropped the gear. The A/P isn't flying the ILS approach, as I decided to fly it manually and leave it as an indication.

I end up a little bit to the left and to low, mainly because of the use of speed brakes.

The touchdown is a small bit to early, whereas the flare, to small. But I have gone down safely.
Taxiing and shutdown

I don't have to taxi for a long time. The taxiway might look small, but it's well enough for a widebody jet, even a 747.

After shutdown. My flight has come to an end.

Initial Note No.1
I made several errors in this flight, mainly because I relied to much on the default FSX stuff. There is also very little cockpit screenshots. I'll correct it on the next flight. I'm not (or at least, I'll try) not to use the default flight planner.