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Mitsubishi Regional Jet about to fly next week

 Testing the new jetliner

The Mitsubishi Regional Jet has already completed a few taxi tests and recieved an approval from the Japanese 
transport ministry to complete it's first flight on the 9th of november (Monday). However, this isn't the original date of the first flight. The plane was suppost to complete it by the end of october, but the plans were changed by the later mentioned issue with rudder pedals. Mitsubishi has simulated “normal and abnormal scenarios” and that no issues have been found. Currently, during taxi tests only one, small problemn with the rudder pedals. When the rudder pedals are under extreme condition, there was “interference to the linkage mechanism of the rudder pedal”. In mid 2016 the first MRJ-90 is going to be flown to the US for additional test flights.
About the Mitsubish Regional Jet
The Mitsubishi Regional jet is Japan's first airliner after the NAMC YS-11 from the 1960s, designed by Mitubishi Aircraft Corporation (ironically, it's its first aircraft). The plane has a range comperable to the ERJ-19x series aircraft, with similar seat number and performance. The MRJ is slightly cheaper, but more expensive than the Russian alternative-the Sukhoi Superjet.Currently 223 have been ordered, 150 by leasing companies.

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