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First P3D dedicated aircraft-I'm getting closer to moving to Prepard3D

Sorry for not writing for a long time, but I had a lot of stuff on my head.
Today, something for the flightsimmers.
P3D vs FSX
Prepard3D is a flight simulator developed by Lockheed Martin. It works with FSx addons, but performs and looks better and has different default aircraft on par with more updates and different licenses (which I still  haven't understood).
Since P3D works with the sam addons as FSX and peforms better, most flightsimers are starting to move to P3D. I'm still an FSX player, and for a long time I was convinced to stay with FSX, however, some things are making me feel like buying P3D is good choice.
My initial opinion on getting P3D
At first I thought that P3D isn't a thing worth buying if you have FSX, since it doesn't have any different addons and maybe it looks better performs better etc., but it's just plain FSX and a few optimizations.
After time, many flightsimming youtubers decided to use P3D more frequently and now have stopped using FSX. Their arguments started talking to me. Still better performance isn't the thing. A thing that I find crucial is addons, especially aircraft.
P3D dedicated
A new from a 5 months ago. The guy calling himself Jan is me.
This news moved me closer to considering getting P3D and using it as a 'daily flightsim' instead of FSX.
This addon has made a big change in my opinion on getting P3D. Between those 5 months and the release of this F-35 I haven't been thinking about the option of using P3D that much. This addon is another argument that makes me feel like getting P3D is a good thing. From what I've heard-making addons for P3D is much easier than for FSX. More developers are going to go this way-and it'll make sense.
The addon mentioned above has been designed by Dino Cattenao-a developer who has made some of the best FSX/P3D aircraft-most notably-their all free (excluding this F-35). They are all a little bit frame rate hungry-hence I've had problems with them on my old PC (i3 3.1GHz, Gt 525 (m) GPU, 4GB of RAM). All od Dino's addons can be used with Tackpack.
The F-35 payware has high hardware requirements-similar to PMDG aircraft.
A version for those who don't want to read everything
FSX is old. It's a game from 2006 and might have some problems with proper work and getting high fps. Sometimes FSX is a little bit like minecraft, with some addons it might get laggy even on the best computers.
FSX has Steam Edition; It gives you multiplayer and some optimization. FSx has become a Steam game and some addons can be purchased through Steam. Still, there's a group of addons that don't work with FSX:SE (FSX Steam Edition abbreviation).
P3D is two years old, and it gets regular updates (there are three versions of P3D, V1, V2 and V3). It works with all (and even some more) FSX addons.
What do you think?
Does it make sense to get FSX and P3D?
Should you use both at once or only one of them?
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