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Air Crash Investigation season 14 summary, opinions and other stuff.

As a big fan of these series, I'd like to write down my thoughts, opinions remarks etc. etc. It has been a long awaited (and delayed season) of crashes and investigations. This season covered ten, along with a special.
I'm going to write about the episodes, rating them. The rating system is a numeric way, episodes receive "grades" between 1 ( terrible) and 6 (outstanding, every episode should be so).
I watched most episodes on Youtube, except Episode 8 (on TV).
Episode 1
British Midland 92
M1 plane crash
Grade: 5-
The wreck of an airliner lies between roads roughly 100m to the right of approach lights and several hundred metres in front of a runway. The wreck is broken into three large pieces, a nose section, a central section and a tail section. The tail section is turned around, the horizontal stabilizers resting in front of the wings of the central section. Wikipedia/AAIB picture
Many human beings on the planet Earth interested in aviation and are crashes complained that it's the second time an episode about this crash was made. however that one was made by Second from Disaster. The ACI (air crash investigation abbreviation) is much detailed, interesting, visually better and shows more aviation safety problems solved by BMI 92. Throught the episode you could see higher quality of the episode. The only thing not mentioned, is how the fan blade broke free, causing the engine fire. Fare enough, a very good beginning to the Season.
Episode 2
Lauda 004
Niki Lauda: Tragedy in the Air
Grade: 6
Boeing 767-3Z9-ER Lauda Air ZRH.jpg
from Wikipedia
Why six? At first, the crash is known, but not as much as BMI 92 or other episodes. The story of the crash and investigation is very detailed, explains the crash and safety hazards well. The topic, mid air reverser deployment is something important and how was it thought of before. All episodes should aim for the level of this crash.
Episode 3
Varig 254
Vanishing Act
Grade: 4+
Boeing 737-241-Adv, Varig AN0323729.jpg
Source: Wikipedia
An intriguing crash, with a very interesting story behind. I guess the episode was good, it may have lacked a more in depth investigation or too much focus on a following football match. I'm not saying it was bad or anything, it was a good episode lacking some minor things. A fact that the crew flew a five stopover flight, that may have caused fatigue could have been mentioned too. The title is also hard to understand or have anything to deal with the crash. At least, that's what I think.
Episode 4
Copa 201
Grade: 5
Boeing 737-204-Adv, COPA Panama AN0197475.jpg
A crash from Panama covered by ACI is another really good episode. Not known, mysterious and deadly, this one gets a plus for the crash itself. Along with it comes a nice explanation of the crash, events leading to it, the investigations hazards and difficulties etc. There wasn't just a thing that will let me give it a 6. I don't know why ( some personal criticism, something up with me???).
Episode 5
FedEx 80 and 14
Death at Narita
Grade: 5-/4+

It is a very good idea to make people aware of cargo crashes, pilot sleep time and a situation of being a pilot. Both crashes show that. Eventually the first crash is investigated and discussed only for 3 and a half minute! And another thing, four throttles on a triple engine plane! Sort of a fail, ACI.
That is all or most complaining about " Death at Narita", an episode showing viewers ( or making them aware)  about the difficulties of being a pilot. It also brings us up the figure and characteristics of The Md-11, an underrated and sadly unpopular machine.
Episode 6
JFK jr. plane crash
JFK jr. Plane crash
Grade: 5
Piper PA-32R-301 N957T (4700040475).jpg
A well known crash, however ACI have covered it after 14 seasons. It is rare to do GA crashes, however the victims of the crash were very important personalities.
A very decent episode, good animation, well explained GA flying rules and a good examination of Kennedys Junior life before the crash. Unluckily another sad story. I don't have any remarks about the episode, it doesn't get a six, as it that special something.
Episode 7
Air France 4590
Concorde: Up in Flames
grade: 4-/4
Le Concorde impliqué dans l'accident
Not really that the episode was bad. I personally believe that Cineflix ( ACI creators) have done a very good job, just that plane crash. Again, it had more details than Seconds from Disaster, but that isn't all. Everyone interested in aviation and air crashes has heard of the Concorde disaster. In case of comparing this one to the other (rivals) programmes version, ACI have been more focused on the crash, along with no bomb theories.
The crash itself is well known and that is exactly why it received a lower mark.
Episode 8
2008 Mexico City plane crash.
Inner city carnage
20081105 DF Cops and buildings.jpg
Crash site
An interesting episode with a very political background. I found it decent, however I saw something a little bit weird, unusual. The animations were a little to excessive and aggressive. The planes downward spiral looked to be too violent. There wasn't as many problems with different aspects of the episode. Basically, I just didn't enjoy it as much as other episodes.

Epiosde 9
Manx2 7100
3rd Time unlucky
Grade: 5-

A crash caused by multiple problems. A lot of study into the crash. A noteworthy crash, especially the investigation. One problem I saw (or heard) were the pilots accents. They didn't pass. Just so.
All the other things were as they should have been. Another issue I had was the plane crash survivor who had an accent that I struggled to understand.
Episode 10
First Air 6560
Death in the Arctic
Grade: 5
FAB B732 C-GNWN at Cambridge Bay Airport.JPG
A lucky and unlucky crash in the cold ( to me, exotic) and superbly remote regions of Canada. A very nice initiative to do an episode about an unknown, but very compelling accident. A thing I could note, the narrator said that The 737-200 is a technologically advanced airplane, it would in 1970s and 1980s (maybe 90s), but not God damn me any kind of 2000 and freaking 11 ! So much anger in a sentence.
All pictures rom Wikipedia, Wikicommons etc.