czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

The introduction post.

Hello everyone,
What can I write first. Why did I create and start writing a blog perhaps? Well, I don't really know why. I 'd think of some case sensitive answer later. What am I going to write about? as you, reader may have noticed the blogs name, I am going to write about aviation. And the answer is yes. I am also a flight simmer (FSX), but I'm not a pro or anything. I'm currently at the level of working out the Quality Wings Avro RJ ( I'm reading the manuals). I might also do something on air accidents and incidents, and air safety in general. I could also write about different topics related to aviation. You might also find some posts about animals, mainly about reptiles, amphibians or marine animals. I'm also a big fan of ski jumping and travelling ( an aviation related topic in a way).
This is all for now.

English isn't my native language, I 'm Polish.

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